Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Mijin MJCare Essence Mask

Royal Jelly Essence Mask

Hydrating Mask / Provides nourishment and promote metabolism to brighten dull skin and moisture dry skin

Red Ginseng Essence Mask

Anti-Aging Mask / Provides anti-stress relieve, improves blood flow and makes skin soft

Pomegranate Essence Mask

Hydrating Mask / Provides nourishments and supply moisture to skin

Pearl Essence Mask

Hydrating Mask / Moisturise rough skin and make skin soft

EGF Essence Mask

Anti-Aging Mask / promotes new cell production and enhance regeneration of epidermal cells which slows down at about 25 years old

Collagen Essence Mask

Hydrating Mask / Improve moisturization and skin elasticity

Coenzyme Q10 Essence Mask

Hydrating Mask / Provides vitality to weak skin from harmful substances and stresses and enhance skin elasticity

Brightening Essence Mask

Anti-Acne Mask / Clean and lighten blemishes

Arbutin Essence Mask

Anti-Acne Mask /Brightening Mask/ Improve moisturization to dull dark and dry skin and clean blemishes

RM3 per piece

RM30 for a set of 10 pieces + Free Shipping

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